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Docs For Education is devoted to distributing high quality, creative documentaries suitable for educational purposes.

Erez and Nahum

I was born in 1935 in Poland. During WWII, my mother and I escaped from the Nazis in a journey that ended in Bombay, India. It was during research for a documentary film about my personal life that I became familiar with another fascinating and un-familiar story, that of The Darien, which became the subject of my first script.

The film "The Darien Dilemma" was directed by my son, Erez Laufer, and edited by my daughter, Miri Laufer. The three of us continued our collaboration in "Rafting to Bombay", the film which tells my own personal story.

It was during the creation of these two deeply personal documentary films with my son that I acknowledged the instructive value of this media. Receiving enthusiastic responses from universities, schools, public libraries and other institutions encouraged us to create a small selection of unique, insightful documentary films with educational value.

— Nahum Laufer