Lifestyle Transformation Coaching

Are you interested in losing weight and making a permanent lifestyle transformation? Do you want to have FUN doing it? Are you prepared to ignore a lot of social rules surrounding food? Please understand this isn't medical or nutritional advice and it's also not intended to be a temporary weight loss hack. Here are our thoughts on change, especially if it is big and permanent change:

It's nearly impossible to lose weight with moderation and to keep that weight off eating a controlled quantity of what was eaten to gain it. 

Further if social relationships dominate one's plate and these relationships are with people that eat unhealthily, the odds of moderating the food and the social pressure are overwhelmingly in favor of failure.

Until you have a new lifestyle that is equally familiar, convenient, and enjoyable to the one used to gain weight,  we don't believe anyone has a real choice.  Habit always wins. 

If you want unyielding accountability and unrealistic results, then this may be for you.  

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