Let yourself be seen!

Let your light shine


We all have tremendous gifts, incredible strengths, and so much to share.

Yet many of us hide. We dim our light.

We're afraid to be seen.

We're afraid to be judged.

We're afraid to fail.

We're afraid to be seen as failures.

In short, we're afraid to be seen.

Oh man, can you imagine how AMAZING it would be to let go of this?  Can you imagine what your life would be like?

Just imagine it for a second!

Ask yourself these questions:

What would you do?

Who would you be? 

What would your relationships be like? What would your work be like?

What would you let yourself do?

I gotta be completely honest with you and tell you that my issues with being seen were so crippling! I avoided being seen like it was the plague.

This impacted SO MUCH of my life.

~ My relationships with family, friends, and significant others: I stopped myself from being authentic because I didn't want to be judged and/or rejected.

~ My writing. I was afraid to be fully seen as a writer, so even though I had a completed manuscript and had written TONS of content for my courses, I didn't put it out there!

~ My photography. Pretty similar to the above. I found it so difficult to be seen as a photographer! 

~ My business. Oh boy. The list here is long! Not doing workshops, either in person or online. Not sending out consistent newsletters or blogs. Not following up.

This being seen issue cost me money and confidence. It created stress and self-judgment. 

And I finally saw the light! I saw exactly what it was costing me, and I realized that it didn't have to be that way!

I started leading workshops. I published my nonfiction book and submitted my fiction to publishers. I got myself an Instagram account and started posting—and selling!—my photography. I allowed myself to be authentic and real in my relationships.

Allowing myself to be seen and letting go of the fear of being seen has been transformative. It has changed my life...and my clients' lives too.

I want you to experience this magical awesomeness, because, well, we all need you to shine your light too! I KNOW you have tremendous gifts. Please let us see them!

So starting TODAY, Monday, July 30th, for ten incredible and powerful days, we're going to experiment with being seen, with stepping out of our comfort zones and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable!  

Why is this important? 

Because every single one of us needs everyone's light to shine.

Because you have profound and incredible gifts...and we all need you to fully express them!

Because when you dim your light, we all suffer.

Because you DESERVE to fully express your awesomeness!

And this is a big huge deal.

You will be honoring how incredible you are. You will be going against the grain of keeping yourself small so as to avoid failure or judgment or making people uncomfortable by shining your light.

When you let yourself be seen, you are taking the radical stance that being seen is awesome...and that you are worthy of being seen. (Which, I might add, you are! You are deciding that it is more important for you to shine your light and express your gifts rather than let fears about what people might think or might say keep you in a little box.

So for 10 days, you get to try out a different paradigm.  You get to do something different.  And you get to see how you feel when you turn the dial on your awesomeness UP...and let us see you in your brilliance!

Based on working with my clients and my own personal experience, I can tell you with confidence that this is a good thing. :)

Now, perhaps this is confronting. Maybe it's utterly terrifying!  Perhaps you’re reading this and saying, “Um, no. This sounds weird and I’m not sure I can do it!”  And you might want to bow out...before we've even started!

Here's what I say to that:

Don't let that habitual way of thinking keep you from trying out something that might be awesome.  (And, I might add, a habitual way of thinking and being that doesn't feel good and doesn't really serve you!)

Allow yourself to try something new.  Allow yourself to be radical. Allow yourself to be seen and fully loved and fully supported.

What’s going to happen:
You’ll get an email every day with a tool and a challenge for you to experiment with being seen. We'll explore what might hold us back, how to overcome it, and we'll take powerful steps action steps to let ourselves be seen!

I promise, I'm not going to make you do anything that will implode your relationships or get you fired. :) 

Instead, we're going to take a dive into what you truly value and what makes your heart sing...and we'll support each other in taking steps to make that happen.  That means asking for help and support, owning your presence and claiming your space in the world, and beginning to acknowledge the magnificence that is you!

Your investment:
$50, my dear, and if you do allllll of the action steps from this moment on, YOU'LL GET IT ALLLLL BACK! 

Yup, you read that right. You do EVERY action step in the challenge and you get your money back.

I'm doing this because it would be way, way, WAY too easy for you to sign up and then do nothing.  That's not why I'm doing running this challenge!  I'm running this because I want every single one of us to shine!

Starting TODAY, on Monday, July 30th you'll get an email a day with an action step to help you shine your light and let yourself be seen.

You’ll also have access to a fantastic Facebook community of people on this journey with you! 

At the end, if you do all the action steps, you'll get your money back. :)

And! I'll go into the details when you sign up, but just to tempt you...you could be entered into a raffle where you can win:

Some of my favorite books OR
A $50 gift card to Amazon.com OR
A $50 gift card to iTunes OR
A $50 gift card to the online purveyor of your choice.  Yup...YOUR CHOICE!

It's 10 days. You can do it! 

I want to be very clear: I actually don't WANT to keep your money!!!! I want to give it back! But I do want to keep you accountable, and money is a way to do it. 

So make your accountability deposit via this PayPal link. Once you've done that, you'll get a transaction ID. Come BACK to this page, pop it into the field below and you'll get all the details you need to know!

(If you hate PayPal and want to make other arrangements, let me know at eryka@eryka.com.)


This challenge will help you:

  • Fully express your unique gifts, strengths, and talents.
  • Create a life where you're thriving...rather than simply surviving.
  • Join a community of people who are seeking to take their lives to the next level.  Which is SO. MUCH. FUN!
  • Enjoy your life!  Have fun!  Because a life where you shine your light is, well, better than one that's...not. :)

Why you need to do this:
Because we have this one life to live. And we all need to fully live it!

Q: Eryka, will you make me run naked down the street?


Q: Eryka, will you make me give a presentation in my underwear?


Q: Eryka, will you make me ask my boss for a $75 trillion raise?

Well...this challenge might make it easier for you to do that. :) 

Q: Eryka, will you torture me and make me do things that are really hard?

Torture is a strong word. Stepping out of our comfort zones—especially with something like deciding not to hide and show our beautiful strengths and gifts and our innate awesomeness—can be hard. Hopefully it won't be torturous, though! All of us have your back, just like you'll have our back in taking ourselves to the next level.

Q: Eryka, who is this for?
This is for anyone of any gender who is tired of hiding their awesomeness and wants to step into their power. 

Q: Eryka, what do I do if I can't afford the accountability deposit?
Reach out to me. We'll make it doable for you! 

So let's allow ourselves to be seen and watch as our energy goes higher, our inner critics get quieter, and we take our lives to the next level!

How to do it:
Make your accountability deposit here and put the transaction ID into the field below, follow the instructions, and do the Day 1 action steps!

(If you're not already, you’ll also be subscribed to my newsletter for ongoing inspiration about abundance.  I promise never to share or misuse your info, and you can unsubscribe at any time.)

SOOOO looking forward to going on this journey with you!

Eryka is an abundance coach, a fierce cheerleader, a licensed social worker, and a registered representative with a leading financial services company. She combines these approaches to support her clients in freeing her clients from the limiting beliefs and scarcity mentality that keep them locked in unfulfilling, uninspiring and soul-sucking situations.  She is on a mission to overthrow the tyranny of the gremlins in our minds that limit us...so that we can all live up to our highest potential and free the planet from struggle and inequality.

Learn more at www.eryka.com.

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