Heat Signature Alpha Testers

This is only for members of the Suspicious Developments Mailing List who are volunteering to test future alpha versions of Heat Signature on a Windows PC, and provide feedback.

If you're not on the Suspicious Developments Mailing List, you'll either be dropped from this list or automatically added to that one.

If you're not on Windows, the build you get won't work! We won't need testers for other platforms till after the game is done, and we'll use a different list for that.

If you're not willing or able to give feedback- man, I feel like you didn't read any of that first line.

Unless you've specifically heard from me when the next test is happening, there's no ETA and you shouldn't hold your breath.

These are limited alpha versions that only last for a time, usually two weeks, then they vanish and you don't get a free copy of the game. I mention this to reduce sign-ups from people who just want a free thing aren't going to give feedback.
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