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Reg Meuross
The breadth and depth of Reg Meuross’ material is unparalleled in contemporary folk: songs about forgotten heroes, famous names, folk legends, the climate emergency, tales from the kitchen sink and news from the world stage. If something needs to be sung about then Reg Meuross has a song for it. Reg’s songs are widely covered in both guest and floor spots in folk clubs throughout the UK.

Accompanying himself on his ‘44 Martin six-string guitar, tenor guitar, banjo, dulcimer, and harmonica, Reg is now touring with RAW, the third album in his solo trilogy (the RAW Trilogy). RAW is the sound of one man and his songs, an intimate window into the heart, soul and songs of one of England’s finest writers.

“A brilliant singer-songwriter and true troubadour with a social conscience.” Mark Radcliffe, BBC Radio 2 Folk Show
“The remarkable singer songwriter that is Reg Meuross.” Sean Rafferty, BBC Radio 3

“One of the most talented storytellers of our generation.” Pennyblack Music

“A mighty songwriter and an equally fine singer.” Martin Carthy


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