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Calling all bloggers! Are you running a blog about topics of wider interest? Do you update it regularly? Would you like more readers? Don't feel like you want to be part of a crowd, but value exclusive blogging opportunities?

Here's the thing: Iconsulthotels isn't a PR agency or marketing company. We do not send out press releases, invitations to events, or freebies to a large list of random bloggers and journalists on a weekly basis. Instead, we moddle, idle, and putter behind the scenes for our clients, which are mainly from the hospitality, leisure, tourism, and consumer service industries.

Every now and again, Iconsulthotels clients do great stuff, come up with something completely new and awesome, or organise great events. When this happens, they'd like somebody to shout about it online. They don't want 30, 40, or 50 people shouting about it in unison - they want the right people to shout the right stuff so it reaches the right audience. We're after quality, not quantity.

What's the point of this list? We'd like to hear from you, if you're interested in blogging about stuff our clients get up to. Topics can be diverse as the industries and companies our clients represent and range from travel to food, fitness, ecology, and much, much more. Ocassionally, you'll get good stuff for blogging - an awesome dinner, a stay in a luxury hotel, etc. Mostly, we will not dictate what/how you're supposed to write, but provide suggestions and guidelines only - the words will have to be your own.
Sign up to the Iconsulthotels Blogging Alerts list and complete all sections of the signup form as fully as possible. We'll then add you to our database and send you an alert if a gig pops up which matches your profile. It could be once a week, once a month, or just once a year. While we can't promise a certain number of gigs per year, we can promise that, if you're selected, you will get exclusive access and content and you won't be part of a crowd of bloggers covering the same topic or event. Also, we'll help you with publicising & distributing your posts: We'll tweet them for you and we'll generally share them across the social universe. End result: More clicks to your blog and more readers.
It doesn't matter whether your blog is moneytized or not, but you do need to be prepared to share your site's stats with us at some stage.

Please do not sign up, if...:
Our work is often very niche and it's always exclusive. Our clients retain us, because they expect quality across the board. We're sure you feel the same about your blog and want to partner with people of equally high standards. For that reason we can't work with blogs that fall into any of these categories:
  • Your blog hasn't been updated at least once during the past two months
  • You don't know how to use a spellchecker
  • Your blog is a company blog
  • Your blog still uses the blogging platform's standard template/layout, e.g. "Just another Wordpress blog"
  • Your blog gets less than 500 unique hits per month
  • Your blog only exists for commercial or SEO reasons

Who or what is Iconsulthotels? Don't know us yet? We're awesome! Check out our website or pay us a visit on Facebook. We're also on Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. You tweet? We tweet, too!

Data Privacy:  Your email address and other information is in safe hands. We will not share it with our clients, other 3rd parties, or total morons. We also won't sell it, barter it, or use it to send you mindless junk. Happy days!

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