30 Day Intro Challenge

In this free informational email series you will get an email every 3-5 days with more information on using the Gut and Psychology Syndrome protocol to heal and seal the gut lining and reduce/eliminate your allergies! I love this protocol, I used it myself a couple years ago and was able to eliminate my dairy allergy in just 6 weeks!

Sign up below and continue to recieve informational emails about how the Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet works, and be encouraged to do a quick run through the GAPS intro in 30 days (taking longer is great and even encouraged, but it's sometimes helpful to start small!)

This email series has you starting GAPS Intro 15 days from the date of sign up.

GAPS Intro Challenge

*fine print: This is a 45-60-day free email series. Your email address is safe with me!  I'm providing this email series because I have found this diet to be amazing for our family, I do sell products to help families complete this diet, but what I sell is not necessary to purchase- I tell you exactly what the diet is about for free!  If you'd like to see what I sell, it's the 30 Days on the GAPS Introduction Diet for gut healing and sealing.

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