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Create a Life You Love:
Begin with Curating a Nourishing Day
About Begin with Curating a Nourishing Day

Do you know where to begin creating a life you love? I have the secret to that, yet when I begin to write about it, I can imagine you rolling your eyes or sighing really loudly. Because what I have to say provides no magic fixes. There’s no special series of mantras you can recite. There are no magic pills. There is no one-size-fits-all blueprint.

Creating a life you love demands that you make today, this day, one that feels nourishing. Even if it’s for just five minutes.

I'm thrilled to tell you all about
Create a Life You Love: Begin with Curating a Nourishing Day 

In Part One, you'll explore what a life you love means by defining the Standards for Living a Quality Life

In Part Two, you'll create rules for living your life on your terms by creating Non-Negotiable Standards for your life.

In Part Three, you will dream about an Ideal Day in the future, one of the most powerful exercises I've personally done.

Part Four provides you with an opportunity to usher a moment from your Ideal Day into your current reality...along with some advice on how to make that part of your Ideal Day your new normal.

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Create a Life You Love: Begin with Curating a Nourishing Day

Never forget that you deserve to create a life you love.
It begins by building upon the momentum of making a single day delightful.
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