Greetings Friend! 
We're putting together a list of friends who may be interested in what's going on with us. Our intention is to send out an update once or twice a month to keep you current with new developments, share what we're learning, and to ask you to pray for us. If you'd  like to be included on our update list, let us know by leaving your name and email below. We know how much we don't like getting unsolicited emails, so if we don't hear from you we'll assume that you'd rather not subscribe. We'd much rather have you happy with us than irritated that we keep sending you stuff that you didn't ask for! Either way, please pray for us as we seek to do the things that Father puts in our path. 

In His steps, 
Dan & Jody Mayhew

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An email is all we really need, but a name is helpful, just in case we there's a problem and we can't figure out who you are from your address.
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