Under the Gum Tree digital+print subscription, $7/month

Under the Gum Tree is a digital, literary micro-magazine published and delivered quarterly. For a sample issue, you may download a complimentary copy of our premiere issue here.

What do I get for my $7?
A lot, actually:
  • 4 digital copies (regularly $7.99 per issue), emailed directly to you
  • 4 print copies (regularly a minimum of $19.99 per issue), mailed directly to you
  • the satisfaction of knowing you're supporting the creative endeavor of talented folks
Most digital content is free so why should I subscribe?
Under the Gum Tree is a reader supported magazine. That means we don't do ads and you can enjoy the most beautiful and organic version of each issue that we can possibly create. We are working toward being able to compensate our contributors, and that means that 85% of the subscription revenue goes directly to the talented writers and artists whose work you see in the magazine. The other 15%? Well, we would like to do things like commission artists, pay a staff and maybe do a little advertising ourselves. Small stuff like that.

How do I know I'll like your magazine?
We like to think that we're publishing irresistible stories. To get an idea of what we're talking about, you may download a complementary digital copy of our premiere issue.

What if 7 bucks a month is still too much for me to spend right now?
That's why we offer a digital-only subscription for just $2/month! What a steal! You can sign up for that subscription here

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