Youthful, brighter looking skin. Minimized fine lines and wrinkles. Disappearance of dark spots. Elimination of acne. Feeling confident in your own skin again. 
You've told us how Academy by Candy products have changed your life. You've loyally continued the use of our products, some for nearly 30 years. You've recommended Academy products to your friends and colleagues. 
We've been there for you and you've been there for us. That's why we want to exclusively offer you the opportunity to be an Academy Brand Ambassador. It's as simple as using our products: make money by sharing Academy by Candy products with the people in your life. 
What is an Academy Brand Ambassador? 
An Academy Brand Ambassador is someone who loves Academy products, uses them on a daily basis, and has seen tremendous results. Academy Brand Ambassadors promote Academy products to their social networks and receive a commission for every sale they make.
What are the requirements to be an Academy Brand Ambassador?
Academy Brand Ambassadors not only are loyalists to Academy by Candy products, but interested in selling the products to their friends and others. They have a wide network of friends and colleagues. They are trusted resources, the kind of people others look to for advice and opinions. 

Reselling ABC products has been found to be a lucrative business for many! If this interests you, please email us or call the office at 732-780-5153 to discuss the process and place your order. 
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