Lower Moyamensing Civic Association Membership Form

Lower Moyamensing Civic Association membership is for one year. Membership dues are used to help support Association programs and projects throughout the year. 

Membership Levels:

Individual Membership
Annual dues are $25.00 per person and $15.00 for seniors. Persons in the same household desiring to be members must each submit a paid Membership application. This level of Membership is open to individuals (and not corporations, partnership, associations or other entities) ages 18 and over residing in the LoMo focus area of Broad to Seventh Streets, Snyder to Oregon Avenues, or individuals owning property in the LoMo focus area. Individual Membership confers voting rights for the election of the Board of Directors and other issues which the Board may deem appropriate for the general membership to vote on. 

Associate Membership/Local Business Partner Membership
Annual dues are $20.00. This level of membership is open to individuals not otherwise qualified to be Members, or any corporation, partnership, association or other organization or business that wishes to support the Lower Moyamensing Civic Association. Associate Membership does not confer voting rights.

Membership is granted after completion and receipt by the Board of a membership application.

Questions? Contact us at lomophilly@gmail.com or call 267-544-9597.
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