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This email list STRICTLY for active food bloggers in and around New York City who want to meet, eat and spend time with other food bloggers.
You will get invited to my events and to events that I'm promoting for others. I also share information of interest to food bloggers and food lovers.

This is for any type of blogger who features food in any way, established or just starting out.

Disclosure: Sponsors do subsidize our events and sometimes pay me to send out emails asking you to come to their events, but I only promote events that would go to. I hate events that waste time and have no value.

Events I've promoted recently:
  • New York Women's Culinary Alliance Membership
  • 2012 Food Blogger Bake Sale
  • Big Summer Potluck 3
  • Network at IACP Culinary Expo -- Book & Blog Festival
  • International Association of Culinary Professionals conference launch party & volunteer opportunities
  • Techmunch
  • Smorgasburg Cookbook Raffle for Culinary Trust
  • Dumplings & Tiger Beer
  • Red Velvet Cake Debate

My Events (usually with his fierceness Ken Leung (@hungryrabbitnyc) and sometimes with more peeps)
  • COMING SOON: Tea Party Potluck LIVE 6.10.12
  • Chinese New Year Potluck 2012
  • NYC Cookie Swap 2011
  • Pie Party Potluck LIVE 2011
  • Chinese New Year Potluck 2011
About Me
I call myself New York's lamest food blogger. My blog is The Diva That Ate New York and sometimes I will actually post there, but mostly you'll see me on Twitter: @divathatateny

I consider myself as more of a blogger connector. I love being around food people. I am a food business coach ( and I own a chocolate events ( business in NYC and I'm a singing chef (

Looking forward to see you over something delicious very soon!!!

Jackie Gordon

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