Travel Class Inquiry

Travel Class Inquiry

A travel class from Doodlebug Club gives you the opportunity for savings and convenience! It's a great way for your child to learn art, socialize with other children and save money on art lessons.

How It Works

Travel Classes bring your own personal Art Museum right into your home. Homeschooling allows your child to learn and create art in a safe environment. Doodlebug Club helps you find that missing link of creativity, and cultivate expressions in art for your child.

Sessions are approximately 1 hour in length because art takes time to create! The lessons are geared toward the child’s age/grade. They are broken into grades K-3 and 4-8. Knowing that there are times that there will be a cross over each lesson can be adjusted to the child. Each session starts with an open discussion and presentation of the featured artist.

During our discussions the students will be introduced to the artist, his/her lifestyles, what made he/she want to become an artist. Each piece of art work is detailed by art history and learning how to look at the artists’ paintings styles. The students will interact with questions and comments that lead to a better understanding of the artists and help the child learn to be confident and expressive with art.

Following the presentation an art lesson is introduced to the students.  Each student will have an opportunity to develop and create their own masterpiece in the art medium that is representative of the featured artists. Some of the mediums that are used in Doodlebug Club consists of oil pastels, tempera paints, watercolors, watercolors pencils, cutting shapes, drawing/sketching pencils, crayons, blending tissues, chalk, and even to constructing wire structures.

Becoming a Host

By hosting a travel class, you agree to become my main point of contact. You will collect the funds for each session or series of sessions. The cost per session is $97 for up to 10 students and includes all materials. It's $10 per additional student beyond 10 with a maximum of 15 students in one session.

The room you provide must be adequate space and includes tables and chairs for the students. I will bring everything else including the table cloths!

Please submit the questionnaire below and I'll reply quickly so I can answer your questions and we can schedule the date and time for your class.

Angie Nelson
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