Welcome to the Geckoman mailing list, you won’t get bombarded with emails I promise!

If you've found me through my website www.johnnoble-milner.com don't worry, you're in the right place. I've been trading as Geckoman since 1997 and www.geckoman.co.uk is where you'll find my online shop.
Every couple of months I’ll keep you posted about new work and events. I have free tickets and preview invites for many of the art and craft events where I display my work.

Currently there’s a 10% mailing list discount on my Geckoman range of open edition sculpture. At the end of the sign up process you’ll get a confirmation message to say you’ve successfully joined the mailing list. That will also give you a 10% coupon code to use online.

A heads up. There is about to be a change to how my business works. I'm going to put my prices up, but you'll still be able to order most of my Geckoman range at the current price to order the piece to be made. Usually that will take 6 - 8 weeks. I'll be putting a newsletter out very soon about this.

Register at www.geckoman.co.uk to see your account and previous orders. This also gives you access to a members only shop, sometimes there are very special deals or sculpture that is only available to members.

All my bronze sculpture is cast in the UK using over 95% recycled metal. The business is totally carbon neutral. I’m glad you think that’s worth hearing about.

John Noble-Milner
Aka Geckoman
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